About Us

Noongar Mia Mia Pty Ltd (NMM) was established in 2000 by Perth’s Noongar ATSIC Regional Council, (Karlkinany Regional Council) to provide and manage housing for Indigenous people within the Perth metropolitan area.

NMM is an Indigenous owned and controlled company that is proud to provide and manage rental accommodation exclusively for Indigenous people and their families.

NMM recognises and acknowledges the unique Family, Community and Cultural characteristics of Indigenous people and, further aims to be recognised as a socially and culturally aware valued supplier of affordable housing for Indigenous People in Western Australia.

How do we enable Indigenous people to access safe, healthy, affordable housing in an environment that doesn’t dictate that they remain in the lowest socio economic income bracket in the country?

Noongar Mia Mia properties provide Tenants with the opportunity to strive to secure better employment without the threat or penalty of eviction that is associated with Public Housing once one increases their income level.

Board of Directors



Yvette Carolin – Managing Director

Tina Pickett – Business Services

Sarah Tutolo – Office Support