Our Future

The Housing shortage in Australia is only going to increase, with many people having no option but to remain on Public Housing lists, dictating that they remain in the lowest socio economic category in the Country.

NMM aims to achieve Economic Independent status and to assist Indigenous people in the process to achieve a level of Economic independence that many other Australians’ enjoy.

The Company’s values reflect an outlook that is both Indigenous and Commercial, with our ultimate aim being to encourage and facilitate “Home Ownership”.

We are now in the stages of establishing Commercial revenue streams, that will enable us to generate economic activity, eventuating in Noongar Mia Mia becoming an economically sustainable business, free from Government funding.

NMM is striving to increase its capacity in the following areas:

  • All Aspects of Real Estate
    • Property Management (Public and Privately owned properties)
    • Property Refurbishment
    • Property Development
    • Investment
    • Joint Venture Partnerships
    • Sponsorships

We want to be in a position to build or purchase ten or twenty properties at a time, rather than the one or two that are transferred from State Housing.

NMM operates on the principles of transparency and accountability, whilst striving to maintain superior ethical standards in our delivery of service. The Company has received an “Unqualified Audit” for every year that it has been in operation.

Indigenous people also want to contribute to the economy of this Country and access and enjoy the opportunities that economic independence brings.